The Caravan

The Arches. These flying MegaCities rotating around Home are under the benevolent supervision of the AI Council. 
Today, only six Arches ramain among the eight that left the ground.
Aboard, the human civilisation is preserved at all cost. The only « few » disturbances caused by the Street Gangs and the Triads can't prevent the major project ouf the Council. 
Nobody know the ins and outs of the Council goals, but the IA assure that it is the best chance of survival for mankind. 

The Raiders

Those who were abandoned by the Arches are constantly harassed by gangs of Raiders.
The monstrous Okumas started to multiply on the planet, born from a failed genetic experience. With them, an era of confrontation and carnage begon, as hope fades even more.
Nothing can deprive a Raider from his thirst for freedom. Living among the okumas, you will be treated as equal and you always will have the opportunity to prove your worth.